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We Can Fix Your Virus Quickly

Virus & malware come in many variants and degrees of maliciousness. Virus normally are solitary operators with one purpose in mind, to cripple the computer and try and extract money out of you to fix it. Crypto or ransomware virus are a classic example of these where they encrypt all your data on the hard disk. Malware one the other hand usually comes in clumps and once on your machine invites other malware onto the computer. These are responsible for bringing pop-ups onto your screen and often mask themselves as clean-up, driver update and speed-up utilities. They can often interfere with PC networking and stop Internet.

Whatever the infection, we can remove it – guaranteed or you wont pay a cent! Our staff are Certified Ethical Hackers and therefore know how these malicious code writers work. They are continually keeping one step ahead of all the anti virus vendors to avoid detection. We know all their tricks and techniques and can rid your machine of all malicious code.


Key Service Included:

  • Infection Identification
  • Count of Infections - Documented
  • Four Pass Scan Removal
  • Two Pass Manual Removal
  • Manual Leftover Removal
  • Test
  • Document Any Data Loss - Not Recoverable
  • Advice on Protection and Avoidance

Why Choose Netech?

We are fully qualified with Engineering, Electronics, Communications, Cyber Security and Microsoft Certifications. We have been in the business since 2001 with a combined knowledge of 50 years IT experience. This is all we do and have always done, experience counts for fast and accurate service!


While not free, if you proceed with the repair, the cost of diagnosing the fault is included in the total cost of repair.

Quick Repair Process

As we have many years experience there is hardly an issue we have not run into. Therefore our repairs are timely and accurate.

Service Warranty

We stand behind all our repairs as being accurate and solving the problem. If they don't then the No Fix-No Fee policy applies.

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