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Proactive Server Management

Every small business owner will know that when your server goes down, the ability of your staff to work and the short-term profitability of your business is at stake! In the business world of today, the reliability and uptime of your information technology infrastructure are paramount to ensuring your business is successful.

NETECH Managed IT - Server Management provides major benefits to working with a professional IT support company. It allows you to focus on your core business without the hassle of wondering whether your server will remain functioning by alerting us to potential issues before you recognise they exist!

Our 24/7 Server Management platform is setup with several threshold alarm points, which when exceeded, let us know of potential problems, often before you know. This allows for remedial action to be taken before it can turn to a down situation.

Our Server Repair & Consulting Services

Our Network Management Platform is provided by Solarwinds which is installed in over 250,000 business throughout the world. The MAXFocus management system has been developed by network and systems engineers who know what it takes to manage today's dynamic IT environments which means products that are effective, accessible, and easy to use.

Hardware & Software Service

  • Managed IT Solutions
  • Software Deployment
  • Windows Server Upgrades
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Instant-Response Server Solutions
  • Forward Planning & Advice
  • Hardware & Software Upgrades

Data & Networking Service

  • Backup & Data Recovery
  • Multi-site Network and Internet Deployment
  • Deployment of Data Services
  • Hosted Email & Offsite Backup
  • Data Security and Advice
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Why Choose Netech?

We are fully qualified with Engineering, Electronics, Communications, Cyber Security and Microsoft Certifications. We have been in the business since 2001 with a combined knowledge of 50 years IT experience. This is all we do and have always done, experience counts for fast and accurate service!


While not free, if you proceed with the repair, the cost of diagnosing the fault is included in the total cost of repair.

Quick Repair Process

As we have many years experience there is hardly an issue we have not run into. Therefore our repairs are timely and accurate.

Service Warranty

We stand behind all our repairs as being accurate and solving the problem. If they don't then the No Fix-No Fee policy applies.

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