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PC Computer Service

Fault locating and resolution are often be beyond the average user capabilities. We only use trained computer professionals that fault-find using industry proven processes and procedures.

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Laptop / Notebook Service

A lot of notebook issues in our climate are related to airflow and heat. Only trained experts should be allowed to open up a notebook as many things can go wrong in such a confined space.

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Software Issues & Upgrades

Sometimes an upgrade is required to run new software, new operating systems or the latest applications. We discuss your requirements and provide a plan for the upgrade which may include hardware.

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Virus / Intrusion Removal

It does not take much to become infected these days. The virus writers are experts at avoiding anti-virus and are therefore not detected. Once infected it is impossible to remove without professional support.

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Data Backup & Recovery

All users whether at business or in the home have important data saved on their hard drives. In most cases they have not backed up this data making it especially vulnerable when hardware or software malfunction.

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Network / Internet Setup

Networks include the sharing of Internet access, printers, shared files databases. This increase in collaboration, especially the Internet, must be planned and setup carefully to avoid unwanted intrusion.

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