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Data Recovery

Data Recovery, Backup & Protection

The ultimate data recovery mechanism is robust and reliable backups. Disasters will always happen in one form or another which will compromise the integrity of your server or PC data. That is why we place so much importance on a backup regime. Along with virus protection, in particular, crypto virus infections, which destroy whole hard drive in seconds, you can rest assured that a recovery from backup can be confidently undertaken if necessary.

If however backups cannot be used then more low level programs, tools and expertise is required to recover data from a failed device. Depending on the type of damage to the data and device will govern the approach to recovery, its length of time to restore and its cost. From simple un-erase activities to full blown clean-room facilities to rebuild a hard disk, Netech can organise all repairs and data restoration. These methods should be seen as a last resort to data recovery becuase there is not a guarantee of full recovery of information.

Our Backup & Data Recovery Services

Backup services range from simple, free offerings to sophisticated, scheduled and off-site products. Depending on the size of business and its server arrangement will determine the backup regime. All backup services can report back centrally to our managed network platform for immediate alert or can be managed on a daily basis by the buiness themselves.

Backup Services

  • Windows Server Backup
  • Easus Todo Backup
  • Altaro Hyper-V Backup
  • Altaro Cloud Offsite Backup
  • MAX Cloud Backup
  • Full, incremental, differential
  • Exchange & SQL Backups
  • NAS on-site Storage
  • Sandbox restores

Data Recovery

  • Full, Volume or File Based Restore
  • Full Exchange, Mailbox, or Email Restore
  • File erasure, format or overwritten restore
  • Hard Disk Mechanical Re-Build
  • Virus/Malware Corruption
Data Recovery

Why Choose Netech?

We are fully qualified with Engineering, Electronics, Communications and Microsoft Certifications. We have been in the business since 2001 with a combined knowledge of 50 years IT experience. This is all we do and have always done, experience counts for fast and accurate service!


While not free, if you proceed with the repair, the cost of diagnosing the fault is included in the total cost of repair.

Quick Repair Process

As we have many years experience there is hardly an issue we have not run into. Therefore our repairs are timely and accurate.

Service Warranty

We stand behind all our repairs as being accurate and solving the problem. If they don't then the No Fix-No Fee policy applies.

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