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Lost Files? Data Recovery is Available

Sometimes, mass storage devices can seriously malfunction causing disruption to emails, critical system files and databases. User data, company and personal information can be lost without proper data protection and recovery.

Even an accidental file deletion can be recovered with quick and professional action. It is critical not to use or write to the device as soon as you suspect data loss. Any suspect disk retrieval, slowness, corruption or non-response is a clear indication of a data disk problem. Of course, any strange noises coming from the computer indicates a major fault and the machine should be immediatly shut down.

Retrieving documents, files and photos

It is still likely that we can still retrieve your valuable files even though the disk may be completely wiped. This process is a labour intensive one depending on the damage caused to the disk. As long as the disk will spin-up and is recognised by a computer, data can normally be retrieved.

System & data recovery

It depends on how damaged your hard drive is as to whether we can successfully retrieve your data from it. We can manually repair low-level bad spots and give you a confidence level of recovery before attempting the process. Even if the disk has been formatted, we can recover its contents.

Physical disk crash

If damage is too severe, data recovery is still possible, although may need clean room access. Whether the data loss is the result of mechanical or electrical failure, human error, water, fire or smoke damage we contract with third party companies uniquely talented with the resources in-house to solve these physical problems.

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Data Recovery Service

All storage devices.

  • Internal/External Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • USB, Flash Memory Card Recovery
  • Hard Drive Data Recovery Diagnostic
  • Low Level Hard Drive Bad-Spot Recovery
  • Deleted Files and Partitions
  • Disk Reformatting
  • File Overwrites
  • Virus Contamination

Clean Room Data Recovery Service

Physically or electrically damaged storage devices

  • Mechanical Hard Drive Failures
  • Electronic Interface Failures
  • Platter Damage From A Head Crash
  • Physical Damage From Fire or Flood
  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Failure
  • Last Resort for Data Recovery

Why Choose Netech?

We are fully qualified with Engineering, Electronics, Communications, Cyber Security and Microsoft Certifications. We have been in the business since 2001 with a combined knowledge of 50 years IT experience. This is all we do and have always done, experience counts for fast and accurate service!


While not free, if you proceed with the repair, the cost of diagnosing the fault is included in the total cost of repair.

Quick Repair Process

As we have many years experience there is hardly an issue we have not run into. Therefore our repairs are timely and accurate.

Service Warranty

We stand behind all our repairs as being accurate and solving the problem. If they don't then the No Fix-No Fee policy applies.

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